Every magical moment hides a secret! And here unveiled what makes our confetti simply delicious……

Our productive process

It really makes a difference. Only in our establishment, intact, the stage of the sugaring takes place through the nebulation of  the sugar, unlike the application in liquid form, allows a much softer, uniform and fluid coverage. Every sugar particle adheres to the surface of the chocolate, creating a sweet symbol in which two layers become compact to perfection. 

History and future of the bassinet

The tradition in our establishment and the ancient experience guarded by the master confectioners meets the innovative machinery of avant-guard technology.   A process that’s strictly handmade and the manual labor that characterises the traditional candy: the almond cooks on the inside of the copper basins and the knowing hand of the master confectioner gently sprinkles lies the sugar, in a slow and constant process the can last up to two days.  On the other hand, confetti with a layer of chocolate are processed in the latest generation 4.0 machinery, capable of controlling temperatures and humidity, in order to preserve the quality and brilliance of the colours from any sudden changes in temperature.

Sugar 100% Italian

Exclusively “Italian sugar”: The only real chain of 100% Italian that unites all the farmers that have continued to sow, cultivate, and grow beets in our Beautiful Country.  A delicious sugar and sustainable, that maintains an intact aroma of the mother juice of the beet and that comes from an agricultural and certified chain.

unique and inimitable

This is the meaning of #StratoSottileDiZucchero! An unparalleled feature that distinguishes our product, giving it superior quality, a more refined taste and an extraordinary delicacy.  It means pondering every choice, preferring the best path and not the simplest one, aiming for excellence.