A recipe that was born
over one hundred years ago.

In which the passion for quality is in the main ingredients. The bond with tradition and courage to face new challenges. for cui ingredienti principali sono la passione per la qualità, il legame con la tradizione e il coraggio di affrontare nuove sfide. Essential features to tell a success story, born on the slopes of Vesuvius, where the character and authenticity, typical of these places, inspired the Maxtris Recipe.

How we choose
our almond.

We have always selected only the best in Italy, in the cultivation specialised in Avola and the rest of the world. Selezioniamo da sempre solo le migliori in Italia, nelle coltivazioni specializzate di Avola e nel resto del mondo. Excellent material that then comes subjected to a careful selection, faide at distinguishing only intact and perfect products, and a subsequent calibration, created with strictly handmade methods, to choose only the most suitable, by weight, dimension, and caliber.

…and our hazelnuts.

Exclusively 100% italian, that come from Piemonte and Giffoni Valle Piana, places that are famous all over the world known for their vocation and this cultivation. The hands of our experts feel the consistency and the dimensions to grasp the unique characteristics and choose only the best and most valuable products. These are essential phases of our recipe, because the best ingredients are the secret to guarantee a high and identical quality in each confetto of each package.

A thousand gluttonous souls

Brownie, wafer, marshmallow, cookie, mou, gelèè, cereal, coffee beans, goji berries and many more ingredients, together with the traditional dried fruit, make our confetti truly original and unique! With a different heart every time, palatable and fun to respond to everyones preference, with full respect to the highest standards of food safety and of healthier needs (95% of our products are glutenfree).

The chocolate

An ancient recipe, born over fifty years ago, which today continues to evolve and improve to find the perfect balance. Only very fine, high quality Belgian chocolate with low sugar content is processed according to traditional craftsmanship. The result is an intense taste, a persistent aroma and a creamy texture that gently envelops the soul of our confetti .

Beautiful colors

A strong propensity to innovate and great creativity have inspired us in the creation of over 100 different colors, almost all of them vegetale, without artificial colorings! Bright shades, elegant shades and a pastel nuances for a delicious rainbow of sweetness.

A style in continuous evolution

The new pack of Confetti Maxtris, the result of a refined and studied restyling, contains our essence: we are eco-sustainable, thanks to a package entirely made with recycled and certified material; functional, thanks to a new, practical opening on the upper side and to the multilingual description of the product; attentive to detail, thanks to the gold stamp that emphasises the presence of “whole almonds”; elegant, thanks to a new design that enhances the image of the product in an innovative and dynamic way.

The Maxtris family

One of the secrets of our inimitable recipe, we have no doubt, is our big family! Family means having projects together, dedicating oneself with passion to the achievement of common goals, without abandoning or forgetting anyone in the face of difficulties and unexpected events. All this is Italiana Confetti. The place of the heart where each of our collaborators is an indispensable part of the same great dream!

We look beyond…..always!

Last, but perhaps the most important ingredient of this unique recipe is the tenacity that has always distinguished us. We have achieved important goals, yet we have never stopped asking ourselves a new, more stimulating goal; we have never ceased to take on the increasingly difficult challenges facing our consumers; we have never stopped improving our product, knowing that only by returning to the game every time we can achieve unexpected results!