Maxtris Sbagliato

I will tell you how the story was born…...

Some time ago, Antonio, walked around in our confetti factory, bringing with him a bowl filled with hazelnut grains. I watched him as he paced back and forth with that dreamer’s air that set him apart, when suddenly I saw him stumble (who knows what he was thinking) and most of the #granelladinocciola fell into the machine that covered the almonds with chocolate. I still remember Antonio’s and my terrified expression and who with a jolt ran towards the machine to find out what had happened. While Antonio sill apologetic and in panic, instinctively felt a strong desire to taste those dark chocolate-covered almonds with a touch of #granelladincciola…What a wonderful surprise! What could have been an irreparable mistake turned out to be a unique and tasty mix. Since then Antonio still has the air of a dreamer……but is a little more concentrated. 

This is where the #Maxtrissbagliato is born : toasted almonds
covered in gianduja chocolate and chopped hazelnuts,
fondant chocolate and a #stratosottiledizucchero.
The perfect combination for a wrong but excellent product. 

Since then Antonio still has the air of a dreamer……
but he is a little more concentrated.