Story and mastery

How all began...

In 1969, Salvatore Prisco, the descendent of a confectioner family specialised in the production of sugared almonds, began to produce and distribute his sugared almonds (“confetti” in Italian) with support from his wife Anna Rastiello, starting a small artisan company. Over the years the company expanded, always making sure that care and attention were paid to tradition in the production of the “confetti”, as well as in the selection of raw ingredients. The history of the Prisco family is a success story now coming into its third generation, whose story perfectly marries the past, present and future. The high-quality ingredients, the taste of its products, and the continuous push for innovation have been and remain the distinctive traits of this company.

Italiana Confetti today

Today, Dario and Nicola Prisco continue to successfully head the company, aiming to achieve even more ambitious goals – keeping alive and kicking the example of inspiration and social motivation passed down to them by Salvatore, their father. Solid family values, today as in the past, are at the core of the business. 

Over the years, the company has constantly expanded its range of products: alongside the traditional almond “confetti”, came Maxtris sugared almonds that became the company’s flagship product. This led the company to grow at a dizzying speed. As it has grown, the company has invested across all sectors, especially in marketing and advertising: both through the choice of Enzo Miccio (a famous Italian wedding planner) as their testimonial and major advertising campaigns broadcast on the main Italian TV channels (RAI) as well as on prominent broadsheets (“La Repubblica”, “Il Mattino”, etc …).

The mastery

Italiana Confetti Srl has always been careful to endure that its raw ingredients and finished products conform to standards and regulations, like our 100% Italian sugar signed by Italia Zuccheri, the only and last production line in Italy. Currently, the Quality Control office, consisting of three professional figures, each with specific tasks and skills, works constantly to meet the needs of customers. The section dedicated to Quality Control also has an internal laboratory equipped to carry out necessary checks on the hygiene-sanitary and qualitative law compliance of both raw ingredients and finished products. In addition to the internal laboratory, which is useful for preliminary and process checks, Italiana Confetti Srl uses accredited external laboratories to check the food safety and process hygiene requirements imposed by sector regulations.