Italiana Confetti Srl, aware of the importance of and need to demonstrate to its customers its ability to continually supply products that comply with regulations and to meet their expectations, has deemed it appropriate to adopt a Quality Management System and Food Safety System in accordance with the provisions included in the BRC and IFS Food standards and contributes to the UTZ global program for ecosustainable products. For Italiana Confetti Srl, producing quality goods means, first and foremost, guaranteeing the food safety of its products. In fact, the latest goal achieved by the company was that of adapting both structurally and culturally, and within a short period of time, to the highest international standards imposed by the BRC/IFS. Reaching these goals has been possible thanks to the construction of a new plant in which innovation and food safety comes first. A selection of raw ingredient suppliers who comply with very strict internal standards and the continuous training of internal staff represent further commitments and guarantees of quality that Italiana Confetti Srl provides to its customers.